Julian Lee  Locational Astrologer / Astrocartography, Better Locations, Your Improved Life Story!

-- 28 Years Experience Specializing Only In Locational Astrology and Relocating People who expect Results -- Over 10,000 Readings
-- Many happy clients -- 95 percent happy movers.
-- Has tested his principles with three astrology-guided moves over 30 years, plus observation and interviews of thousands of people. Moved originally based on an Astro*Carto*Graphy map and knows their limitations.
-- The only locational astrologer who guarantees satisfaction after the move (or your full fee back)
-- Evaluates whether a move is wise at the time, and refunds most of your fee if he feels it's not a good time to move.
-- Lover af all Peoples, serves all people and nationalities with the same interest and care.
-- Finds possibilities and fruitful development for all people having any type of chart.
-- His "current location" reading is often found more accurate and relevant than conventional readings based on natal charts.
-- Discoverer and effective teacher in the quest for chartlessness and freedom.
-- Devotee of P. Yogananda of India. Meditation teacher, has written a ground-breaking commentary on the Yoga-Sutras based on experience, possibly the best Yoga-Sutras commentary in English.
-- Fees ranging from $85 to $250. Primary locational-hunt reading: $175. Credit card and PayPal.

More Information:
No obligation for calling and asking questions about this work, or your situation
Left: Rare Indian hardwood dividers in Julian's sun room at the Saint Francis.
Right: Smelling the roses. Julian's photo of the roses outside his apartment in Portland, Oregon.